HT Reviews

Looking for the right handheld radio? Tired of reviews that give you a lot of “I bought this so it is the best” and very little objective information? Want comparisons of radios between $20 and $400 all at the same place so you can see the real differences? Then you came to the right place!

Samcom FPCN30A Review I have often wondered about Samcom radios. They are priced significantly higher than a Baofeng with similar
Baofeng UV-13 Review A lot of the time when I get new Baofeng, or other Chinese manufacturers, it can be
Baofeng DM-V1 DMR Radio Review The Baofeng DM-V1 is one of, if not the, cheapest DMR radios made. Is it
Retevis RB22 DMR Radio Review The Retevis RB22 is billed as a new generation professional radio with advanced digital technology
Baofeng UV-S9 Plus Review I am just going to start with the elephant in the room, this radio is not
I recently received the BL-1 Bluetooth TIDRADIO Wireless Radio Programmer and started to play with it. The idea sounds really
Baofeng BF-E90 Review The Baofeng BF-E90 is a small, pocket-sized, 73cm 440MHz radio just starting to appear online (as of
Baofeng BF-X3 plus Review The Baofeng BF-X3 plus is another model in the UV-9x and BF-A58 family with two big
Radioddity GA-2S Review There are a lot of radios in the same market as the Radioddity GA-2S, namely the Baofeng
Wouxun KG-UV9p Review This was my first Wouxun, and I thought of it as a high-priced Baofeng, after all, it
Baofeng BF-88ST FRS Radio Review The cheapest FRS radios Motorola has are their T100 which go for about $29 a
Baofeng UV-5R plus Review I have lost count of the number of radios that have been released as "updated UV-5R!"
The Baofeng BF-F9V2+ a probably the second-best UV-5R variant I have ever tested coming in just a tad behind the
The Alinco DJ-G7T is a very sexy looking tri-band waterproof semi-rugged radio with some good specs, but is it nothing
The Baofeng UV-5R5 is an interesting variant on the popular UV-5R. I was not very impressed with its improvements but
The Baofeng GT-5TP is, at least in my opinion, what the UV-82 should have been all along, but never was.
The Baofeng BF-F8+ a probably the best UV-5R variant I have ever tested. Is it a fluke or has Baofeng
From a quick glance, comparing the Yaesu FT-4XR vs FT-65R they look virtually identical and the specifications look like they
The Yaesu FT-4XR is Yaesu's new entry-level Chinese made dual-band radio? How does it compare to other Yaesus and is
The Yaesu FT-270R is the radio I recommend if you need a radio that is weatherproof, virtually indestructible and works