Baofeng GT-5TP Dual Band Radio Review

Baofeng GT-5TP

The Baofeng GT-5TP is, at least in my opinion, what the UV-82 should have been all along, but never was. But as with most Bofeng radios, they took away almost as much as they added to this radio.

The UV-82 was always a larger and more powerful version of the UV-5R, at least on paper. This Baofeng GT-5TP seemed like it was going to do for the UV-82 what the GT-3TP tried to do for the UV-6R. Unfortunately, they succeeded.
Let’s start with things I really like about the Baofeng GT-5TP because there are some really nice changes here. First up, the contrasting colors. No, they aren’t for everyone but it is a nice change of pace from all the all-black radios you see. If you compare the Baofeng GT-5TP vs GT-3TP I think they were going for the same idea.
The keys on the front of the Baofeng GT-5TP are far easier to read than those on the UV-82. This is partially due to almost 2mm wider buttons which means a larger font, but also the white letters on black backgrounds makes them visually much clearer.
This same idea is carried over to the side of the Baofeng GT-5TP with the orange F and M buttons that have nice white letters on them which are super easy to read. This compares to the UV-82 that has black letters on a black button.
I also am pleased that they didn’t mess up the output on the Baofeng GT-5TP like they have done with other so-called upgrades in the past. This one outputs more power than the UV-82 with about the same signal quality. I should also mention here that the speaker output seems about the same between the two, pretty good for the size.
All of the buttons and keys, as well as the knob on top of the Baofeng GT-5TP, work well and I have no complaints in that department. I also like the backlighting of the keys on this radio to the backlighting on the UV-82. The screen backlighting is about the same on both and more than adequate.
There are, however, things they did to the Baofeng GT-5TP which I do not like, starting with one thing they technically didn’t do, waterproof it. I make mention of this because they claim that the Baofeng GT-3TP is waterproof so I just assumed that their GT-5TP would be too, but there is no mention of it in the ads or on the box. I should know better since their UV-9R+ is waterproof but their BF-F8+ is not. In fact, regardless of the literature, I think their UV-9R+ is probably really fairly waterproof while their GT-3TP is probably fairly splash proof, but I digress.
My next issue with the Baofeng GT-5TP is that little shield to the side of the knob on the top of the radio is gone. Technically, there is a tiny version of it under the new, larger knob which is completely useless. The whole purpose of that shield is to keep you from brushing the knob up against something and changing a setting, that can’t happen when the shield is literally underneath the knob. Drinking on the job is the only way I can explain that design.
Then there is the Baofeng GT-5TP battery. It is labeled as a BL-8 which is the same thing that is in my UV-82, so why is the UV-82 a 2800mAh battery and the GT-5TP a 2000mAh? Even more perplexing is that while the batteries look the same, they do not interchange with each other. In other words, the BL-8 from my UV-82 will not fit on my GT-5TP and the BL-8 off my GT-5TP will not fit my UV-82. Moreover, the connectors on the back of the battery for the drop-in charger are different! More drinking.
Much like several other Baofeng radios, entering Baofeng GT-5TP frequency mode or memory mode is accomplished by holding the MENU button down when turning the radio on. At first, I really didn’t like this, but honestly, I rarely switch so it isn’t that much of an issue.
I have also noted that the Baofeng GT-5GT is a little poppy in its microphone. What this means is that when you make certain sounds it catches a little too much air and you hear an audible pop noise. The UV-82 and other Boafengs have this issue but this one seems a little more susceptible than most. It isn’t really bad, but certainly noticeable.
The rest of the Baofeng GT-5TP seems about the same as the UV-82. Baofeng GT-5TP programming from the keypad to using a programming cable and CHIRP, it all is the same.
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Baofeng GT-5TP Test Results:

Screen readability Good
In-hand feel Good
Included antenna Good
Construction quality Good
Belt clip Good
Programmability Good
Transmit audio CLICK TO LISTEN
Maximum power output (2m/70cm) 5.1 watts / 2.3 watts
Size 281 * 58 * 48 mm
Actual weight 8.6 oz
Programming software CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Baofeng GT-5TP Overall score
Baofeng GT-5TP VNA Antenna Test
Baofeng GT-5TP VNA Antenna Test
Baofeng GT-5TP SRD spectrum analysis
Baofeng GT-5TP SRD spectrum analysis
If you are interested, click here for an article on how I test radios.


  • 8W/4W/1W Tri-Power
  • Dual Band VHF/UHF, Dual PTT
  • Tri-color LCD Backlit
  • 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS
  • Built-in VOX Function
  • LED Flashlight
  • Emergency Alert
  • Time-out Timer(TOT)
  • Monitor Channel
  • Easy to program (Support CHIRP) via programming cable
  • 2000mAh extended battery life, allow you operate the radio for a long time
  • Good power output
  • Nice speaker
  • Contrasting colors are nice
  • Large, easy to read keys on the front
  • Easy to read buttons on the side
  • Good transmitted signal quality
  • Shield for knob useless
  • BL-8 Battery not compatible with other BL-8s
  • BL-8 has less mAh than other BL-8 batteries
  • Looks waterproofish, is not
  • A little poppy in the audio


I really wanted the Baofeng GT-5TP to be a better UV-82 than the UV-82. Not that there is anything wrong with the UV-82 per se, but they could have gone with the bigger keys, more power, and contrasting colors while leaving the rest alone, or even added some waterproofing, and had a really, really nice radio.
As it is I am going to say the Baofeng GT-5TP is basically a different UV-82, no better, no worse, just different. If I had to choose one I would probably pick this one because of the easier to read buttons and contrasting colors. That, of course, is just personal preference.
All of that being said, the Baofeng GT-5TP is a pretty good radio.
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I hope you enjoyed my Baofeng GT-5TP review!

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