Is Your Baofeng Radio a Fake Baofeng Radio?

Everywhere you look today there are Baofeng radios with different labels, different model numbers, and slightly different names. Will the real Baofeng please stand up? Probably not, and here is why. Let me start by trying to figure out what or who Baofeng is, exactly. This might be difficult since there is,,, … Read more

Retevis RB22 DMR 70cm Handheld Radio Review

Retevis RB22 DMR Radio Review The Retevis RB22 is billed as a new generation professional radio with advanced digital technology features. At first glance, it appears much like many other Chinese DMR radios. Is it really a professional radio or just another cheap DMR clone? The first thing I noticed about the Retevis RB22 is … Read more

Alinco DJ-G7T Belt Clip! A real one!

That’s right, a real, honest-to-gosh, Alinco DJ-G7T belt clip. No, Alinco didn’t step up, and neither did the aftermarket industry. I had to design and 3D print my own. I wanted to like my Alinco DJ-G7T but I absolutely hate the strap they include and call a belt clip. I want my radio fixed to … Read more