I have been so grateful for all that amateur radio has given me in my life so with a little help I created this website to give back to the community in some small measure. I hope you find a ton of useful stuff here to help you with your amateur radio hobby. Amateur radio is a fantastic hobby that has been active for over a hundred years. With so much equipment out there, and so many things you can do with ham radio, it can get a bit overwhelming.

That’s where we come in! In these pages you will find reviews and product suggestions from people who have already bought the equipment and used it in the field. We are not professional reviewers, not salesmen, and  certainly not equipment manufacturers so we have only your best interest at heart. Yes, if you purchase an item using a link on this website we get a tiny commission that helps us keep the website paid for but that’s it.

If you have comments or suggestions for ham / amateur radio equipment we should cover, let us know. 73s!

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