Alinco DJ-G7T Belt Clip! A real one!

That’s right, a real, honest-to-gosh, Alinco DJ-G7T belt clip. No, Alinco didn’t step up, and neither did the aftermarket industry. I had to design and 3D print my own. I wanted to like my Alinco DJ-G7T but I absolutely hate the strap they include and call a belt clip. I want my radio fixed to … Read more

Repairing er1 on a HTX-404 or HTX-202

The HTX-202 and HTX-404 will eventually refuse to work and just flash er1 on the screen. This is due to the small coin size battery inside the radio failing. It is a pretty easy and straight-forward repair requiring just a few tools and a new battery. The best place to get a new battery for … Read more