Alinco DJ-G7T Belt Clip! A real one!

That’s right, a real, honest-to-gosh, Alinco DJ-G7T belt clip. No, Alinco didn’t step up, and neither did the aftermarket industry. I had to design and 3D print my own.

Side view of the Alinco DJ-G7T Belt Clip

I wanted to like my Alinco DJ-G7T but I absolutely hate the strap they include and call a belt clip. I want my radio fixed to my side, not slinging around and slapping into things it shouldn’t be slapping into. It is annoying, and if the strap is long enough, painful!

I never took my radio anywhere, and that is just sad. I never really even used it at my desk because I like having my handhelds on a desk stand and you just can’t do that with this radio and its strap. Something this simple and Alinco does not offer an option, no one does. Until now.

If it doesn’t exist, make it!

I decided to just make my own Alinco DJ-G7T belt clip, and I love it! Now you can too!

After designing and building twelve different prototypes I finally found one that works the way I wanted. Each one is custom-made on my 3D printer and fixed to my radio to make sure it fits as it should.

The Alinco DJ-G7T Belt Clip on my belt Belt Clip desktop charger clearance

  • Perfect length to fit most belts
  • Short enough to not interfere with the drop-in charger
  • Serious hook on the bottom to make sure it doesn’t come off your belt
  • Stainless steel bolt and washer
  • Dual locking tabs makes sure it can not rotate
  • Allows use on desk stands

After years of frustration at not being able to use this radio, I had had enough. No more! This clip lets me take my radio, clip it on my belt, in my pocket, or on my seatbelt, or use it on my desk stand as a real clip should. Once I had this clip my radio now gets really used for the first time in I don’t know how long.

If you are tired of not carrying your Alinco DJ-G7, or carrying it and having it bouncing around on your belt, this clip is for you. Pick one up today and use your radio the way radios are supposed to be used!

I have heard that my Alinco DJ-G7T belt clip also fits the DJ-X77T but I make no guarantee.

Order yours here and I will custom print it and test it on my radio before shipping it out to you.


I ship ONLY to the United States via USPS via this order method. If you need an Alinco DJ-G7T belt clip shipped outside the US please use the CONTACT link at the top of every page to get in touch before you make a purchase.


Did you order your Alinco DJ-G7T Belt Clip? You know you want to!

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  1. Are you still offering the Alinco DJ-G7 Bely Clip? I tried the PayPal Link, but to no avail. Never indicated price or availability.

    • Yes, I don’t know what happened to the Paypal button but I just redid it and tested it. It now seems to work. If you have any problems please let me know. Sorry!


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