Retevis RB22 DMR 70cm Handheld Radio Review

Retevis RB22 DMR Radio Review The Retevis RB22 is billed as a new generation professional radio with advanced digital technology features. At first glance, it appears much like many other Chinese DMR radios. Is it really a professional radio or just another cheap DMR clone? The first thing I noticed about the Retevis RB22 is … Read more

Baofeng BF-E90 440MHz Handheld Radio Review

Baofeng BF-E90 Review The Baofeng BF-E90 is a small, pocket-sized, 73cm 440MHz radio just starting to appear online (as of this writing it is only available directly from China and not available on Amazon, although that should change soon). It appears to be a cheaper model of the BF-T1, missing some of the buttons and … Read more

Baofeng BF-X3 plus Tri-Band Handheld Radio Review.

Baofeng BF-X3 plus Review The Baofeng BF-X3 plus is another model in the UV-9x and BF-A58 family with two big differences: a claimed significantly larger battery and three working bands. Is that the only difference and is that really a big step forward? Let’s find out. I will be mainly comparing this Baofeng BF-X3 plus … Read more

Radioddity GA-2S Inexpensive Two-Way Radio Review.

Radioddity GA-2S Review There are a lot of radios in the same market as the Radioddity GA-2S, namely the Baofeng BF-888s, eSynic zESY66, and the Arcshell AR5/AR6 models. The Baofeng is clearly the sales leader while Arcshell distinguishes itself with colorful cases. So what does Radioddity bring to the table with this entry? The Radioddity … Read more

Baofeng BF-88ST FRS Radio Review.

Baofeng BF-88ST FRS Radio Review The cheapest FRS radios Motorola has are their T100 which go for about $29 a pair and sell like hotcakes. Baofeng entered this market, knowingly or not, with their Baofeng BF-888s radios for around $24. The problem was that those radios were illegal for most people to use and made … Read more