Baofeng BF-X3 plus Tri-Band Handheld Radio Review.

Baofeng BF-X3plus

Baofeng BF-X3 plus Review

The Baofeng BF-X3 plus is another model in the UV-9x and BF-A58 family with two big differences: a claimed significantly larger battery and three working bands. Is that the only difference and is that really a big step forward? Let’s find out.

I will be mainly comparing this Baofeng BF-X3 plus to my Baofeng UV-9R plus to see how it stacks up as I have the most experience with it. Notes on the differences with the BF-A58 will also be noted where observed.

The first thing I notice visually about the Baofeng BF-X3 plus is that it lacks the shield around the volume knob that both the 9R and A58 have. This is sorely missed as when on my belt, radios without the shield tend to get their volume changed often as I move around. With that little shield that never happens.

The buttons on the Baofeng BF-X3 plus are much like the A58 in that they are white and blue. This is being a little picky but I much prefer the white, yellow, blue, and red of the 9R. Having those extra colors helps you orient yourself on the keypad quicker in poor conditions such as low light or in a storm.

Speaking of storms, the Baofeng BF-X3 plus claims to be IP67 waterproof. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but I can tell you that I have a lot more confidence in my 9R than this radio. The 9R has a special seal over the programming port and requires a special cable that does not penetrate the body of the radio, keeping the waterproof seal. This radio just has the same old little rubber flap which doesn’t feel waterproof at all.

With three bands, the Baofeng BF-X3 plus seems to pull one off on the old A58 and 9R, but as far as I am concerned, that is just a marketing trick as no one I know of actually uses the 220 band. I suppose you could say that band gives you some added privacy since there is virtually no one on it.

The price you pay for having that third band is that the antenna goes from the typical not-bad Baofeng antenna to a pretty horrible one. It tries really hard to be usable on three bands, and it is, but the capabilities it gives to the 220 band, it takes from the 145 and 440 bands.

The quality of the transmitted signal of the Baofeng BF-X3 plus is incrementally better than either the 9R or A58 which I think is due to a microphone that has been turned down substantially. While the audio it sends out is noticeably clearer with none of the edge clipping that both the 9R and A58 exhibit, it is substantially quieter. I think they went a little too far and should have left it up a little. The audio in both the A58 and 9R, while a little overdriven, was still pretty good and plenty loud considering the price point.

Speaking of price, the Baofeng BF-X3 plus can be found online for somewhere in the $40 range today, whereas the 9R is about $35.




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Test Results:

Screen readability Good
In-hand feel Good
Included antenna Poor
Construction quality Good
Belt clip Good
Programmability Good
Transmit audio CLICK TO LISTEN
Frequency accuracy 146.520 @ 146.521
Maximum power output (2m/70cm) 3 watts / 1.1 watts
Actual weight 9.2 oz
Radio manual N/A
Programming software CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Overall score
Baofeng BF-X3 plus VNA Antenna Test


Baofeng BF-X3 plus spectrum analysis


If you are interested, click here for an article on how I test radios.
  • Up to 128 memory channels
  • Secure Digital Encryption
  • Triple frequency Dual transmitter Dual display
  • Long-lasting service, pleasant intercom
  • IP67 Waterproofbody Deal with wet environment freely
  • High Power, easy to handle from the city to the outdoors
  • Light up the light of night. You can see things in the dark and easily deal with various environments
  • Claimed large battery capacity
  • Poor antenna
  • Missing shield for volume knob
  • Not likely that waterproof
  • More expensive than the superior UV-9R


Unfortunately, the Baofeng BF-X3 plus looks like another attempt to juggle things around and sell yet another radio. There is nothing special here, your money is better spent on a Baofeng UV-9R plus.

To recap, the UV-9R has a better clip, volume knob shield, appears much more waterproof, feels more rugged, has a multi-colored keypad, includes a better antenna, and is cheaper. I could go on, but why.

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I hope you enjoyed my review of the Baofeng BF-X3 plus!

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2 thoughts on “Baofeng BF-X3 plus Tri-Band Handheld Radio Review.”

  1. This radio is total garbage ! I bought 4 of them and tested 2. 2m and 1.5m are only 10-15 db down on 2nd and 3rd harmonics ! These radios aren’t just a little out of FCC spec. They are WAY illegal ! Compared to 3 other UV-5RE’s that I have, the RE’s are superior. Harmonic amplitude on them varied but they were at least 30-40db better ! The receive audio on the X3 is horrible. UV-5RE has far superior audio in a much smaller package. The X3 transmit audio is weak also. You must turn the power switch off and hold the menu button while turning it on to switch between memory and VFO. Lame. Older versions have a button for this. I seriously doubt this radio would hold up for 5 minutes just dunked in the water not less IP67. This radio is a total failure. The only Baofeng anyone should buy is the GT-5R which apparently meets FCC standards.

  2. Hi,
    Mine started showing weird symbols where the channel number display is supposed to go. The local HAM repeater frequency was all noise with the squelch cutting in and out. The only station I could receive clearly was 162.500, the local weather broadcast. After bricking the unit with the wrong upload, I found the original image, but nothing improved. Finally, into the trash can it went. Life is too short! (I didn’t use 220 anyway). Ron in Florida


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