Wouxun pays for positive reviews, they tried it with me!

That’s right, Wouxun pays for positive reviews, they tried to pay me for not only a positive review but wanted me to write an advertorial. I know that a lot of you probably already assumed this happened but I had never had it happen to me, until now. I am not saying I haven’t received radios for free, for review. I am sure some of those hoped that a free radio would get them a glowing review, but that isn’t how I work. Regardless of how I get the radio, it stands on its own merits.

I know a lot of other review sites probably say the same thing, but how many of them will call out a manufacturer that offers them free radios (that’s right, plural) in exchange for good reviews? If your answer is none, then you are dead wrong because here is it:

Earlier this year I sent out an email to Wouxun to ask them if they would be interested in supplying seconds, returns, whatever, for reviews. I didn’t hear back until 06/25/22 when I received this…

wouxun pays for positive reviews

So far, so good! I like when I get radios to review. Sometimes I pay for shipping one way, sometimes both ways when they want a return. Sometimes I get a discount on the review radio, and sometimes, on really rare occasions, I get a free radio. I use the term free loosely as it is a lot of work putting the radio through its paces to get a good idea of how it works and write a review.

In all honesty, 99% of my reviews are simply me buying a radio and writing a review. If I really like it, I keep it, otherwise, I sell it on eBay a recoup a little of my money back. Ask my wife, there are a whole lot of radios on our bank card 🙂

So after sending a reply saying I would love to review their radio, I get this reply…

Wouxun pays for positive reviews

So now I get two radios? Awesome! But they want me to pay for shipping. OK, so I ask how much is shipping. They reply $36 and send me a Paypal invoice:

Still, no problem, I had also asked if I have to pay to ship the radio back, and he said…

This threw off alarm bells, so I said…

I know, I am probably naive, but I thought most manufacturers actually wanted honest reviews. Without honest feedback, how do they improve their products? Maybe some manufacturers just don’t care about their products because what I received back just blew my mind…

Umm, what? Free radios for positive reviews? I write a blog and print books for a living, you know this, you have to know how this is going to go, right? I guess he didn’t know, but I bet he will very, very, very shortly.

OK, go ahead, tell me what a noob I am, how I should have seen this coming. I mean the whole industry is like this, right? I have been doing this for a while and have never had a manufacturer do this, not even close. I have had some give me a dedicated tech team for any issues to try and make sure I didn’t have any problems, and that hopefully would result in a positive review. I get that. But to just come out and tell me, positive review = free radios. Just wow.

I don’t know about you, but from here on out, knowing that Wouxun pays for positive reviews, I will think twice every time I see someone say they like their Wouxun radio. Can I see your receipt? LOL!

I hope you enjoyed my article on Wouxun pays for positive reviews!

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2 thoughts on “Wouxun pays for positive reviews, they tried it with me!”

  1. As someone who’s blown the whistle for corporate fraud (I’m a Certified Information Systems Auditor) in more than one of my employment situations, integrity is something I respect more than anything, well done Sir….. you’re a rare breed these days….


    • Thank you. I have some more Wouxun radios to test here soon but funny enough, I have not received any further communications from the manufacturer after posting this article. I guess I am just old school, I can’t believe manufacturers tolerate their people doing this and can’t believe people keep buying stuff from manufacturer who do this. Oh well.


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